Terms & Conditions

The following details are given as the Terms & Conditions of Thurlow House for all users of the venue.

All users of the venue are requested to read the following details, so that they fully understand all the terms and conditions, and thus comply. Should there be any queries, then please do not hesitate to contact the booking office.



The booked user of the venue will be responsible for making a service payment of 50% for the deposit. The balance of payment is due, in full, 14 days prior to the accepted booking date.

A “Breakages” deposit is also payable up front with the services deposit, which is an amount of 20% of the total booking amount.

This amount is refundable should there be no form of breakages or damage to the property/house contents. Should damages amount to a cost over and above the deposited amount, then the user will be liable for payment of the additional amount.

If your booking is within 7 days of making the booking, then the full amount is required to secure your booking.

Should a booking for the use of the venue be within 30 days of date required, then the client is expected to pay the full amount, for the booking up front.



Cancellation within 14 days of booking- 50% cancellation fee,

Cancellation within 30 days of booking - 30% cancellation fee (70% of fee will be refunded)

No show bookings - 100% cancellation fee (no refund)

Breakages Deposit will be refunded

All paperwork must be completed, signed and scanned through to either Carol or Ngenzile on e-mail address  info@thurlowhousemidmar.co.za which ever person you dealt with, prior to your booking date. Please do not forget to send the proof of payment.

All Payments shall be by eft  into the following bank account:

Imbhongi (Pty) Ltd.

FNB Howick

Cheque Account

Branch Code 220725

Acct No. 62086850164

This establishment does not have credit card facilities.



This is a Self-Catering facility and RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED.

Please note that the venue is used entirely at your own risk.

No smoking in the House.  Please Smoke outside. Please make use of the ashtrays provided and do not drop your cigarette butts in the garden or in pot plants.

Please ensure that children do not jump on the beds or chairs.

Furniture must not be moved around.

No braaing or open fires are permitted on the verandahs.

No illegal substances are permitted on the premises

Rooms are serviced daily between 9 and 13.00pm.

There are 6 bedrooms in the house, which can sleep 12 people. Should more people be required to bed down on the floor, then there are 6 mattresses available, which may be used. The extra mattresses are available if the Full House booking option is requested. There will be a charge for the use of the mattresses.

There are to be no more than a maximum of 18 people utilising the house at one time – the septic tanks cannot handle more people.

Please note that users of the venue, shall arrive between 14.00pm and 17.00pm for arrivals, and then depart by 14.00pm on weekends, and by 10.00am on weekday usage.

Book in time needs to be before 17.00pm, otherwise you will not get through the main entrance gate.

There are house keys available, which will have a gate key for the main Ezemvelo gate at the main road. Please treat this gate with respect and ensure that unlocking and locking procedures are carried out with no problems. This gate is open during normal working hours and is managed by Ezemvelo staff. Users are requested to sign in on arrivals at the gate.

Please also remember that you are in a controlled area which is managed by Ezemvelo Wildlife.

The facility is used for general weekend or holiday use, or for a special occasion or function.

The user is requested to treat the house and its contents, as well as the immediate grounds surrounding the house with care and respect.

Should the user choose to erect marquee/s, as well as the hire of tables and chairs and any other general function equipment, then this must be all organised by the user. The erection of marquees/tents may be done the day before the event, and then removed on the day after. In the case of weekend functions, the erection of marquees/tents may take place on the Friday and then be removed on the Monday.

When holding large functions, there is the option of using the big kitchen which is housed in a separate building within the grounds. This will need to be requested at the time of booking acceptance.

Should a user just require one or 2 extra tables and a few chairs for weekend usage having a family stay, then please request the bookings office of your requirements. A small price will be charged for use of this equipment.

The swimming pool is available for use by the user of the venue. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the pool is used safely, and that children are supervised at all times. Please ensure that the gate is closed after usage.

If using the swimming pool, you need to bring your own towels. Please do not use the house towels.

There are 2 permanently employed staff members. The person on duty is available to ensure that your stay is enjoyed and that all your accommodation or venue usage needs are taken care of.

There is an alarm at the house, which is available for use, should one need to use it. The outside area is protected by beam sensors.

Please ensure that the animals that roam the area at the venue are treated with respect. Please do not irritate or disturb animals at all – children are be monitored when around these animals which are often around the venue perimeter. All wild animals can do the unexpected at any time, so we do not want people to be harmed in any way.